learn how to knit step by step cast on

One of the main aims of Purple Knitting is to get more people to discover the benefits of this hobby, so in this first post on how to knit step by step: casting on we are going to make a start.

When first learning a new skill you have to master some foundations before you can begin creating projects. In this post you will learn to hold the knitting needles, then how to make a slip knot and how to cast some stitches onto the needle.

It is important to master and practice these three steps as they will form the basis of all your knitting projects going forward.

Getting to Grips with your Needles

How to Hold Your Knitting Needles


As is shown in the video above let the needles lay across your four fingers, then gently close your hand over the needles by letting your thumb rest on the top of the needles.

To begin with, it will feel strange but as with any new skill practice makes perfect!

Tie a Slip Knot and Cast On Knit Wise

Next, you will need to learn how to make a slip knot which gives you the first stitch of your project. Watch the video to figure out how to do this.

After that, you will discover how to cast on using the knit-wise method. There are a number of different ways to cast on but I like the knit-wise way as I feel it has a tidier finish.

How to Tie a Slip Knot and Cast on Using the Knit Wise Method


Tie a Slip Knot

  1. Make a loop with the yarn by folding the right over the left
  2. Using your index finger and thumb pull the yarn through that loop to create a knot.
  3. Pull the yarn to make the loop smaller and slip it onto your needle – that is your first stitch!

Cast on with the Knit Wise Method

  1. Hold the knitting needle with the stitch on it in the left hand. Then holding the other needle in your right hand, insert that needle into the stitch underneath the needle.
  2. Take the yarn now in your right hand, and wrap it around the right hand needle then pull it through and between the two needles as shown in the video – and move the yarn towards you.
  3. Holding the yarn in your right hand now move the right-hand needle back and away from your body but catching the yarn underneath as you do so creates a stitch.
  4. Now move that stitch from the right-hand needle onto the left-hand needle by going front to back under the stitch and transferring it to the other needles as demonstrated in the video.
  5. That is your second stitch now cast on. Repeat as many times as are required for your project.

This method of casting is only one of many methods you can use. To find out about 5 other ways click here to read my post on this topic. You may find you like one method more than the others!

In summary, you have now learned how to hold your needles correctly, to tie a slip knot which makes the first stitch and then how to cast on in the knit-wise fashion. Although at first you might feel it strange, just keep practising and soon it will begin to feel more comfortable.

Next, you will need to learn how to knit garter stitch which will enable you to create your first project!

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