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Full Bamboo Knitting Needle Set for Beginners

If you are thinking of taking up the hobby, then this complete knitting needle set in bamboo is a perfect choice for beginners. Needles are a necessity for this hobby. Choosing the right ones when you are just getting started is key.

The product has a full range of 18 needle pairs from the tiny 2mm needle up to the larger 10mm one. You might think well, why do I need a full set. I find there is nothing more annoying when you want to get going with a knitting project and you discover that you don't have the size you need. This could mean a delay while you order them online or a trip to your local yarn shop. If you decide to try another pattern or a different weight of yarn then you have the needles to match.

What I also like about these ones is that they feel comfortable when you use them. They don't feel too slippery like some of the plastic or metal based ones tend to feel. I remember way back learning to knit and getting frustrated because my mother gave me metal needles to use. The stitches kept fall off way too easily for my liking!

What is also good about these needles is that they are single pointed and therefore no chance of dropping stitches off the other end.

This product makes a perfect choice for those who are just starting to learn to knit.

What I like best about this set is that for a small investment a beginner can get themselves kitted out for most knitting projects they will start in the future.