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Easter hens knitting pattern
3 Easter Hens Knitting Pattern

I found this knitting pattern for 3 Easter hens while searching for ideas for an easy handmade gift. My niece has a young son for whom these chickens would provide loads of fun and entertainment. I love to knit toys and Easter time is one festival that provides loads of projects to do.

Many of them are small quick projects that are generally quite easy to do while watching the TV. I find that they are also a good way to use up bits of leftover yarn from my stash.

The Pattern

Get this free pattern by clicking the image, it’s free

This pattern is designed by Janice Anderson and uses simple basic knitting techniques such as the knit, purl and knit two stitches together. It’s therefore a good first project for those who have just learnt how to knit

The birds are made up of several pieces that are knitted flat and then seamed up – the body, base, comb, beak, tail and legs.

To make the legs and feet you will need to do a bit of crochet – but it is only making a chain and doing the slip stitch. In case you don’t know how to do that, here’s a video tutorial.

How to Make a Chain & Slip Stitch in Crochet


Rowan Double Knitting yarn is recommended for this project because of its soft texture which makes it more appealing for children to cuddle. This yarn is quite pricey though when you think of it being used for a toy.

Other double knitting yarns like the Stylecraft Special Acrylic Yarn will work just as well if you want a less expensive option. I like using this range due to its value for money, and the fact that you can put it in the delicate washing machine cycle and low-heat tumble drier.

What Needles?

You will need a pair of 3.25mm (10) (US 3) pair of straight single-point needles, and a crochet hook of that size too.

Anything Else Needed?

To make up the toys you will also need tiny black bead eyes The size you choose is your choice. The ones used in the picture look quite small but larger ones could give them a different look. Alternatively, use a bit of black yarn and embroider the eyes.

You will need to fill the toy with a bit of washable toy filling. They come in what you might feel are large packs, but I find you use more of it than you expect. It’s useful to have some spare for the next knitted toy project anyway.

The base of the hens are weighted down so they sit nicely on a surface. You can use popcorn kernels or plastic beans. Personally, I would use kernels as we are all trying to cut down on the use of plastics, and kernels are safer for children too.

Florists wire is used to create the spectacles.

This knitting project is suitable for new knitters as it requires knowledge of only the basic knit, purl and knit 2 together stitches. You need to know a “teeny weeny” bit of crochet too – how to make a chain and a slip stitch -and the video shows how easy that is to do.

This is a simple quick project ideal for making an Easter gift that children will just love. They could also be used as decorative items to add to your house over the Easter season.

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