therapeutic health benefits of knitting for a healthy mind and body

Have you heard others say how therapeutic knitting can be?

Not too convinced?

Over the past 8 months or so we as a family have been put through the mill.  Strangely, while I have found it difficult to concentrate on my work, I’ve discovered that being able to sit down quietly and knit has helped tremendously.

I have also noticed there are more magazines and beginner knitting packs available even in our local shops.  It seems that a whole new group of people are discovering this hobby and loving doing it.  No longer is it the case that only grandmothers knit!  I think it’s because those taking it up are finding that there are many benefits to be gained.

Stress Relief

When things get too much, I find it helpful to just go and knit for a bit.  I have an easy project on the go which I use especially for these times.  A project that does not require too much concentration and is repetitive. Just being able to sit quietly and knit like this, slows me down.  My mind is taken away from what is bothering me and redirected to my knitting.  I find that having my hands occupied stops me from stressing or wringing them as I tend to do.

Just being able to sit down… on its own, can help bring down your blood pressure.

Brain Stimulation

Studies have been done which show that during the act of knitting a large part of your brain is used.  Have you heard that saying which goes something like … ” If you don’t use it, you will lose it!”   Knitting is an easy way to keep your brain healthy by extending it.

Reduce pain

Another benefit to be gained from knitting is that you can reduce any pain that you have because it distracts your mind from that pain.  By focusing attention on what you are creating, it can reduce the level of pain you experience.

Feel-Good Factor

The idea of creating and completing a knitting project gives me a good feeling.  Not only are you making something physical but you also enjoy that feel-good factor that comes with it.  I find that when people see me knitting or the unfinished project lying around they ask questions about what I am doing.  It is also a good way to be occupied at home while caring for sick family members.  You can do something constructive but still be there for them.

Knitting Projects To Sell

There are many knitted items that sell well, so you can even start up an income-generating project from home. As a beginner, even the easiest things to knit can be sold at craft fairs or online.

Join A Knitting Community

The many online and local knitting groups offer not only a way to get help with projects but also provide a social interaction that can help those suffering from loneliness and isolation.

Get Knitting!

So, as you can see there are loads of reasons to get started with this hobby.  It’s not expensive, all you need are a pair of needles and a ball of wool! 

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