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Butterfly-themed Easter Egg Covers – Knitting Pattern

At this time of year, I normally search for new Easter knitting projects that can work as little gifts. I found this butterfly-knitted Easter egg cover pattern that I thought was different and quite clever as I’ve not seen another like it.

The creme egg holder part is shaped like a leaf. Then on top of the egg holder section, the pattern shows you how to create 3 beautiful British butterflies.

To Get the Free Pattern – Click the image

The knitting pattern is available for a small investment – click the image to go to the website where you’ll be able to download it.

Side view to show the Egg holder part below the butterfly

You can make the Common Blue, the Orange Tip and the Yellow Brimstone. I think this is a brilliant idea as it could educate small children about our British butterflies and make them a lovely homemade gift.

What Yarn is required?

The yarn used is a double knitting weight. You could use bits of leftover yarn if you have them in the right colours of course, but you could also use your artistic flair and make them any shade you wish.

Size Needles?

You will need to use 4mm straight needles to make this project. The egg cover part of the project is around 7cm depending on how tight or loose you knit. It should fit a Creme egg or the Lindt Lindor egg.

If you’re a beginner knitter then this project is perfect for you as it is easily done in stocking stitch.

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