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Easter rabbit with a carrot knitting pattern
Easter Rabbit with a Carrot Knitting Pattern

There are loads of last-minute Easter knitting patterns available online. This adorable Easter rabbit with a carrot knitting pattern also comes with its hat.

It will make a perfect small gift for a child at Easter providing them with hours of fun and something to cuddle up with at bedtime.

Click the image to get the pattern for a small investment

The finished rabbit is around 23cm tall, which is not large, but the perfect size for children.

Where Can You Get the Pattern?

The instructions are available for a small investment – just click the picture to go to the website.

Which Yarn is Recommended?

Any yarn can be used but a double knitting weight is what the pattern suggests. The main yarn as you can see from the picture is white. You will need 100g. The other colours are orange and green.

What Needles Do You Need?

The needles you use will be determined by the yarn type.

Once you have decided on the weight of yarn, you will need to use a needle that is 2 sizes down from what is recommended on the label of that yarn.

Why you might ask?

When making toys and filling them with stuffing, you need the knitted fabric to be firm and tight enough that the filling does not show through. To achieve that effect you need to use smaller diameter needles. For a double knitting weight of yarn use 3mm knitting needles.

What Other Supplies Are Needed?

You also need ….

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