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yarn stash organization ideas

Are you looking for yarn stash organization ideas?

Knowing what to do with your yarn store is a common problem. Even though I have only been back into knitting again for a short while, I have already accumulated a large amount of leftover wool, and some balls that I purchased as I could not resist them.

It’s very hard to stop with all those lovely colours and textures we can buy these days! Before you know it there is no more space under the bed, or in the linen storage area and the tops of wardrobes are full to overflowing! If you are an enthusiastic crafter you will understand this situation well.

What to do first?

How much do you have?

The first thing that is required is to ask yourself… How much of it do I have? Make a thorough assessment of your situation! So probably the first action step is to get all of it together in one place ( if it’s not already) and then go from there. I have bits scattered throughout our tiny home.

What space do you really have to store it?

Then look around at what realistic space/room you have to store it.

Once you have it in one place, next you will need to decide not only how much space you have to store it, but also how best you want it displayed. By this I mean, do you mind if it’s on view, or are you the kind of person who has a minimalist idea for designing your home?

Some people like their things, including hobbies, to be on show, others like what they call clean lines where everything is put away and has a place. Sometimes, depending on your home – the size and layout it may not be possible to have everything tidily put away out of view. In this case, you will need to get more creative and think about using things like vertical space to store your hobby equipment.

The answers to these 2 main questions – how much and available space – will largely determine the type of storage system you will eventually choose.

For example, if you don’t mind your knitting gear to be on display then shelving, cube storage boxes and pretty linen baskets might be an idea for you. On the other hand, if you like everything to be tidied away then more functional plastic containers that stack away would make more sense.

Budget & Cost?

For many cost will play a big role too. For those of us with budget constraints, there are so many ways to recycle common everyday items into storage containers. Pinterest is full of them. One idea I saw was to recycle an old locker or wardrobe and add shelves to it. Another DIY idea was to use old crates and join them together with cable ties into a cube-type display. Someone else used old boxes and joined them together into a unit.

Once you have made a decision on the way you like things to be stored, then you’re ready to look at particular products.

I have chosen these specific products as I feel they will offer solutions to a variety of situations that knitters may encounter. Some are more suited to smaller homes where there is perhaps not a lot of space for things like yarn storage shelves. Others can be used in bigger homes where there is the opportunity and space to add fixtures and fittings.

Spacious Bag for Storing Yarn Stash

A large bag like this one (#affiliate link) would be a solution if you have a relatively small stash of yarn and want to tidy it away neatly. It could also be used to store work-in-progress projects, as well as your knitting tools and accessories. Also, if you live in a rented home where you are not easily able to add fixtures like yarn storage shelves, then you might decide that this offers the best idea for you.

You can have it next to you while working on a project, but tidy it away when you are done for the day – or if you’re expecting visitors and want it out of the way.

Attractive Yarn Stash Storage Boxes

For those who have a small to medium stash and need dedicated storage for it, these attractive boxes (#affiliate link) might be the answer. They are attractive to look at and so could be on show – say for example on a shelf, or under a stool – or can be packed away in a wardrobe for a less cluttered look.

Hanging Shelves Yarn Stash Organizer

If you’re keen to have your collection out of view then this might be a solution that you like. Use this hanging shelves storage system (#affiliate link) to hold your balls of yarn and hang it in a wardrobe.

No space in the wardrobe? Why not try the ones that hang over the back of the door like this one (#affiliate link) Balls of wool can be tucked away into the pocket where the shoes would go and then hung behind the door out of sight.

Drawer Yarn Stash Organizer Unit

If you have a large stash to store then this 4-tier drawer unit (#affiliate link) might be an idea for you.

You will need space to put it of course but as it’s a vertical arrangement it will not take too much surface area but does offer loads of storage room. The drawers do come in various colours so you can match them to a colour theme you may have going on in your home.

Cubic Box Display Yarn Stash Organizer

If you have a big yarn store and don’t mind displaying it, then this cubic box unit (#affiliate link) might be a creative way to organize it. You could make an attractive arrangement using all 9 boxes or intersperse them with other possessions like books, ornaments and plants. This idea will take up more surface area, so spend some time thinking about where you will be able to put it.

So there you have 5 product ideas to consider that will organize and store all your yarn stash.

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