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knitting instruction books for beginners learn to knit

Do you want to learn to knit? Maybe you don’t have someone nearby to watch over you? Knitting instruction books for beginners could be another way of getting to grips with the basics of this hobby.

Although there are many helpful YouTube tutorial videos, some of us like to have a photo or set of instructions to carefully study. Whichever way you like to learn, books can be really useful when learning a new skill like knitting.

There are many books from which to make your choice. Here are 5 that I think would be helpful for people just starting out.

The books I have chosen will benefit those new to the hobby. They will help you to master the basic techniques needed that lay the foundations. Readers will find them handy because they also offer starter projects to make. After all the real reason we want to knit is to make things!

They also have handy references and guides that you will find yourself going back to again and again. The photos and images are inspirational too.

My choices have been based on those providing help to newcomers to the hobby.

First Time Knitting Absolute Beginners Guide Learn by Doing

With this book you’ll be able to learn the basics knitting skills and then put them into practice with several projects such as several kinds of scarf, baby blanket, table runner, a shawl, hat and a baby bathrobe.

How to Knit A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners

This book has many colour photos and illustrations so that anyone reading it can easily learn to knit. You’ll also get easy projects to make such as fingerless mittens, scarves, beanie hats, baby accessories and small toys too.

Knitting for Beginners A to Z guide to have you knitting in 3 days

This book is more of a comprehensive guide that will take you from the beginner’s stage right up to an advanced knitter. It has in-depth information on many topics relating to knitting techniques as well as projects that you can do.

Read this book – by the end of it you’ll be able to Knit

This book covers all the basics of how to knit and promises to teach you how to knit once you have completed it. It has clear illustrations which help you to follow along. There are also projects with which to put into practice what you’ve learned.

Knit Step-by-Step 200 Techniques and Stitch Patterns

This is another detailed step-by-step guide that will take you from a ball of yarn in hand to making something creative and useful. It has many clear photographs that illustrate the methods very clearly.

So there you have 5 books that will all teach you how to knit but also have patterns for projects suited to beginner knitters.

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