yarn bowls with lids help to solve the problem of cats playing with yarn

What is the point?

I wanted a yarn bowl with a lid so that my wool is kept clean and not liable to fly out of the container and roll across to the far end of the room as it sometimes can do.

Even if you have only just started knitting, you will surely have experienced the frustrating issue of pulling on your wool only to find it running away from you under the furniture. After the next pull on the ball, it has more than likely become so tangled up under the legs of a chair, or has run across to the other end of the room!

If you have a pet they will soon notice it and think you are playing a game with them. So, to avoid the hassle of continually chasing your wool around, place it in a container with a covering to it.

A yarn bowl can also help to keep your yarn cleaner and free from items that could be picked up as it rolls across the floor or carpet. It can also keep it from getting tangled as you draw from it.

What You Can Use Instead of a Yarn Bowl?

Of course, there are other more inexpensive solutions to buying a yarn bowl. One idea I have used is to place the ball into a bag and then close down the area where the yarn exits with an elastic band. This method does work and there is nothing wrong with it. However, yarn bowls are generally heavy and do not move whereas a plastic bag can move around and still get lost under the chair or wherever you’re knitting.

Use Things You Already Have in Your Home

Any household item that has a loop through which you can thread the yarn will work. I have received as gifts those big coffee mugs which I find hold too much coffee for me – it gets cold before I’ve finished. Thread the yarn through the handle and off you go. It works well but the only downside is the lack of a lid.

make your own yarn bowl using a big coffee mug threaded through the handle

Another idea I have used is to use a deep bowl and place a fold-back clip on the edge of it. The clip has two handles through which you can pass your yarn. What works well is one of those ceramic containers that are often used to contain house plants.

make your own yarn bowl with a foldback clip and a deep bowl

What I appreciate about yarn bowls is that most are also attractive to look at as well as functional – I especially love the ones made from wood with beautiful grains on them.

How They Work

Generally, these products have a swirly opening which allows the user to thread the fibre through and the ball sits in there. Every time you pull, it is released easily through this swirl. Some designs have a couple of holes in the sides so that if you want more than one colour you can push them through those spots. For example, if you were doing some Fair Isle knitting or stripes of some sort.

Features I look for

In choosing the products I wanted to feature here I have chosen styles based on the criteria of them having –

  • a lid as I feel that is important to keep my knitting clean
  • stable and wide and of a weight such that it does not move around too much or fall over
  • made from a material that is smooth so that the yarn does not catch and fray
  • can at least accommodate an average ball of yarn
  • attractive to look at

Cubic Box Style Yarn Bowl with Lid in Bamboo

I chose this style as my top choice because of its bigger size when compared with all of the others. Being a bit larger means that you can comfortably use a 100g ball in it with the lid on. My research seems to indicate that it is quite difficult to find large bowls that have a covering to them.

I like the simple cube shape that it has and the natural bamboo finishes too!

Rounded Wooden Knitting Bowl with a Detachable Lid

This product made number 2 on my list as it has a lid and is still a reasonable size at 15 cm by 8cm in height. It is an attractive item made from wood with a lovely grain to the wood and a glossy appearance but not too shiny. You can use it with the lid on for 100g balls.

Dark Hardwood Glossy Yarn Bowl for Knitting

I have included this item as it comes with a lid and a couple of holes to use to store your knitting needles or to thread through multiple colours of yarn. It is one of the bigger ones with dimensions of 6.3 inches wide and 3.3 inches high. This one is darker in appearance being made from hardwood. It is pleasing to look at and would prompt comments in your home as it looks beautiful as well as being there for a purpose.

Blue Grey Ceramic Yarn Bowl with Removable Lid

I’ve included this product as it illustrates the fact that not all of these products are made from bamboo and hardwood materials. So, if you’re not into wood, then you might like this one. As with the others I have selected it does have a lid, is bigger than most and is very beautifully designed.

Black Knitting Yarn Holder with Lid

This product caught my eye as it was one of a few that have a lid. I have discovered that most of the yarn storage holders have no lids. This one has a lid which will keep the yarn fixed.
It has several holes through which you can pass several different yarns – either through the swirly section or through the other 2 holes which can also be used to store knitting needles – keeping the points out of the way. It is made from highly polished plastic.

Don’t get frustrated with your pets trying to grab your yarn, or having to retrieve it from the other side of the room. Take a look at the yarn bowls with lids selected, click through to the sites and see for yourself not only how they solve these problems but also look good as well!

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