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full set of bamboo knitting needles for beginners

If you are thinking of taking up knitting as a hobby, then a complete knitting needle set in bamboo is a perfect choice for beginners. Needles are a necessity for this hobby. Choosing the right ones when you are just getting started is one of the keys to success.

Get a Full Range to Cope with Changes

I find there is nothing more annoying than when you want to get going with a knitting project and you discover that you don’t have the size needle you need. This could mean a delay while you order them online or a trip to your local yarn shop.

Also, there are other times when you may decide to try another pattern or a different weight of yarn. Doing this often means you would then need to change the needles’ size. If you don’t have a basic complete set of them then it causes a delay and frustration. Click the image link below to view a set available on Amazon #affiliatelink

16 Sizes for all Projects

The product has a full range of 16 needle pairs from the tiny 2mm needle up to the larger 12mm one.

Each Needle is Clearly Marked

I like that they have both the European (mm) and USA sizing clearly marked on each needle. Some less expensive sets have the disadvantage that the sizes are so faintly marked that it is difficult to see them. This means that you may need to have a needle gauge (#affiliate link) to make sure of the size.

Comes with a Needle Storage Case

Another item that is useful, no I think vital is more the correct word, is to have a place to store all of your needles. When you purchase this set you get a roll up storage case for them as well. It is easy to misplace needles, especially the very small sizes. When you need them you can just roll them out and all are displayed at one glance – no need to muddle through a jumble of needles.

Comfortable Warm Feel

What I also like about this wooden set is that they feel comfortable when you use them. They don’t feel too slippery like some of the plastic or metal-based products.

I remember years ago when I was learning to knit how frustrated I became because my mother gave me metal needles to use. She and her mother were experienced knitters so they had the needles that were more suited to their level. I was expected to just get on and cope with them. 🙁

The stitches kept falling off way too easily for my liking! We were living on a farm miles from shops and there was certainly no internet with which to order a more suitable pair.

Single Pointed Needles

What is also good about these wooden needles is that they are single-pointed and therefore no chance of dropping stitches off the other end.

My grandmother loved knitting socks on thin aluminium double-pointed needles ( I still have them in my collection) and as they were shorter they believed it would be better for me – a child – to use them than the longer variety.

The problem was that it was too easy for me to drop the stitches off the ends! She then solved the problem by getting my twin brothers to chew some gum that she then molded around the ends – we still have those needles some 40 or so years later.

choose a full bamboo set of knitting needles dont do this

In today’s modern age, this full range of needles makes a perfect choice for those who are just starting to learn to knit.

Beginners need to choose a bigger wooden needle size such as at least a 6mm or even bigger, and a heavier weighted yarn like chunky. Thicker sizes are easier to hold. The stitch definition is clearer to see in a chunky fibre too.

What I like best about this set is that for a small investment a beginner can get themselves kitted out correctly for most knitting projects they will start in the future.

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