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Cardigan for Premature Baby

To Download the free pattern click the image of the cardigans

This knitting pattern for a premature baby crossover-styled cardigan is done in garter stitch which makes it a good beginner knitter project. It’s also useful for intermediate and advanced-level knitters who need to make a few in a hurry. In our family, we have a history of premature babies being born so this pattern caught my attention. My first grandniece is on the way so I’ll make a few just in case, if not then there are always charity knitting organizations that will take them.


The pattern designed by Jacknitss will fit newborns weighing from 3 lb to 5 lb ( 1.36 to 2.26kg) To access this free pattern click the image of the garments to be directed to the website from where you’ll be able to download a copy. The website has a useful feature that allows you to save your patterns in your personal library. I find this a really easy way to store them for use later.

The left and right fronts are knitted separately from the bottom edge up to the top of the sleeves. For each of the fronts the stitches are retained on a stitch holder. The back is knitted from the neck area down in one piece by connecting the 2 fronts with a number of stitches cast on in between to allow for the neck. The instructions explain how to do this very clearly. Once the knitting is completed you only have to sew up the underarm of the sleeves and the sides, and add the buttons!

A very clever but simple design ideal for a beginner knitting project.

Yarn Weight?

The instructions recommend a double knitting weight which is a popular yarn so it may well be that you already have enough oddments left over in your stash. The recommended amount of yarn is 30 to 40 grammes.

Size of Needles?

4 mm (US 6 ) single-pointed straight knitting needles are needed. If you use a different size it will change the size of the finished garment.

What Else is Required to Complete the Garment?

As this is a crossover cardigan you’ll need 2 buttons to finish it off.

Knitting Stitch Skills for this Project

If you are not sure how to do a yarn forward (yfwd) watch the video below

This video from Bobbins and Bows of Bare shows how to do the YFWD skill correctly

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