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how to knit a simple Simple beanie quickly for beginners using Anya hat pattern
The Anya Hat Pattern

Have you seen those images of beautiful woollen hats made by knitting in the round? These projects don’t have seams to sew up either.

If you want to discover how it is done then you are in the right place. In this post, you will learn how to knit a simple beanie using circular knitting needles. As with all new skills, it is better to start with something easy like this project. It is a quick project too as you will use a chunky weight yarn and thicker 8mm needles.

While it is geared towards beginners, more advanced knitters will find it useful too as it’s an ideal tv knitting project.

You will find out the best yarn and needle size to use, and where to download the pattern for free.

Watch the video tutorial below that takes you through each stage step by step.

Watch this video tutorial on how to make a simple beanie using circular knitting needles

What You’ll Need

Download the free knitting pattern =>>Anya Hat Pattern

Get the Recommended Yarn – Debbie Bliss Merion Chunky Weight Yarn


The recommended needles for beginners are wooden ones made from densified birch wood. They have slightly more friction than a metallic or plastic needle. This means the stitches are less likely to slide off – a good thing for beginners. I have several sizes of these and find they work well for me.

    You’ll need an 8 mm (US 11) 40 cm (16 in) circular knitting needle – I use the KnitPro Symfonie birchwood ones.

    You will also need to have a tapestry needle with a large eye and blunt end as well as a stitch marker.

    Step by Step Instructions

    Download your pattern, it is free from the link above. I love how the brim is naturally curled up a bit – quite different from others which come with ribbing.

    Cast on

    Cast on the required number of stitches as you would normally do when using straight single-pointed knitting needles.

    Make sure that your stitches on the needle are not twisted. Move them around so that all the little bumps face the same direction.

    Joining the Round

    • Keep the needle with the working yarn attached to it on the right-hand side
    • With that (right-hand needle) make a knit stitch into the first stitch on the left-hand side knitting pin
    • Make sure that you have a fairly tight hold on the working yarn – keep it close – this helps to make a tighter join without a gap
    • Place a stitch marker at the point of the tail – this marks the beginning and end of a round.
    • Continue knitting all the way across all the stitches until you come back to the tail – that is the beginning of the round.
    • As you reach the marker make sure to tighten up the stitches thereby pulling on the working yarn and the tail section.

    You may get a bump in the area where the rounds join up but this can be smoothed out at the end when you weave in that tail section.

    Continue knitting round after round using only the knit stitch. You will notice that even though you are performing the knit stitch it comes out as a stockinette pattern because you are knitting in the round. Weird but good as it is so easy!

    Continue following the pattern. Keep moving the marker up as you do more rounds. You will knit in this way for 20cm (8 inches ) or so. You can make this section longer if you wish. Once you have done this it is time to decrease to make the shaping for the top of the head.

    Decreasing for the Head Shaping

    Don’t worry this is easy and it only lasts for 2 rows.

    Once you reach the marker for a new round, and after your knitting is the required length, do 2 more rows of decreases. This is done by knitting 2 stitches together all the way around.

    Finishing Off Your Hat

    Cut the working yarn leaving a reasonable length of yarn – enough to pull through your stitches and sew it securely on the inside.

    Thread that yarn onto your tapestry needle. Now move the stitches from the knitting needle on to the sewing needle and finally onto the end of the yarn. When you have passed them all over gather them together tightly to close the opening at the top of the hat.
    Push your needle through to the inside of the hat and stitch to secure it tightly. Cut off any extra yarn.

    Now weave in the tail that was left after casting on being careful to pull it tight and neaten out that bump where the first round joined together.

    Make a Pom Pom

    If you have one use your gadget to make a pom pom that will go on to the top of the hat.

    You can also make a pom pom using cardboard as shown in the video below

    Attach the pom pom to the top of the hat and secure it by sewing in the yarn on the inside.

    So there you have an easy hat knitting project that beginners can do using circular needles. It is a simple one to get started with and also provides a quick project to help you get comfortable with knitting in the round.

    As a Summary here are the Easy Steps –

    1. Choose a shade of chunky yarn to use,
    2. Download the pattern, cast on the stitches, join in the round and knit til you reach the necessary length.
    3. Shape the head section by doing the two rows of decreases by knitting 2 stitches together.
    4. Pull the stitches together with a tapestry needle and secure it tightly on the inside.
    5. Make your pom pom and attach it.

    These hats would make lovely DIY gifts for family and friends. Make a matching set for all your family members or give them away as gifts or for fundraising projects.

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