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By reading this post and watching the accompanying video tutorial, you’ll learn how to knit a headband with a twist in it in easy steps.

Many knitting patterns for headbands come with a twist but often the written instructions are hard to follow when it comes to the all-important part of sewing it up to get that twist. However, a video tutorial that shows exactly how it is done makes it easy to know what to do.

Knitting these garments gives new knitters, and those who have been knitting for a while, projects to practice their skills. These types of projects are also a good way to use stash yarn and make practical items as gifts. They make good fashion items too.

How to Knit a Headband with a Twist

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Instructions

To begin with, it is good practice to knit up a little swatch just to make sure you have the right needles and that the fabric you create does not end up being too stiff and tight. Headbands need to be able to flex a bit so your knitted fabric needs to be a bit loose.

Cast on the required odd number of stitches to make the width you want. This video suggests you need to cast on enough stitches to make a band of around 5 inches. Look at your ball band tension grid for the best idea of the number of stitches per 4 inches then do the maths to get 5 inches – if that’s the width you’re going for.

To do the seed stitch you will need to repeat rows of purl one, knit one then purl one to the end of the row. Once the band is at the correct length – allow for a bit of stretch then cast it off.

Neat Edges Method

at 6.08 minutes into the video –

  • Wrong side row – slip first stitch purlwise with yarn in front and slip last stitch purlwise again with yarn in front
  • Right side row – First and last stitch of row – knit into back loop of stitch

How to Sew the Seam To Make the Twist in Headband

at 8.20 minutes into video –

  • Lay the headband down with the right side facing you
  • Bring the cast on and cast off edges together
  • Now slide right hand side edge down so that they are off-set
  • Top of right hand side edge is moved down so that it meets half way down the left hand edge
  • Lift up the band at point where those two edge overlap
  • then fold over the top section of the left hand edge so it forms the third layer
  • then fold over the bottom section of the right hand side edge to make the fourth layer
  • Holdng all 4 layers together sew through all of them to secure the seam, then finally work back again to secure it,

Weave in the loose ends of yarn to tidy up the project.

This project is a simple but attractive one that beginners can accomplish and which allows them to practice their knit and purl stitches. Accomplished knitters will love it too as it does not need much yarn and therefore is a good way to reduce yarn stash supplies while making useful items. The biggest benefit is the step-by-step instructions on how to make the twist in the band, but also a helpful technique on how to go about making neat edges to the knitting work.

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