knitted bedspread from textured squares bobble stitch cables

I decided to tackle this knitted bedspread made from textured squares with a leafy edging as a wedding gift for my niece.

When I first started it, I had not picked up knitting needles in quite a few years. So I had to search on YouTube quite a bit to find videos on how to do the various stitches.

Another member of our family had made one and I decided to challenge myself with this project.

Time & Difficulty of Project

While I think this project is not strictly suitable for a beginner, I did achieve it after not having done any knitting for many years. So, technically I was starting again in a way. If you are reading this as a beginner, and would love to give it a go – after all it is a beautiful design – and you are prepared to learn the stitches as you go along, then there is no reason why you could not achieve it.

It is a long project that requires you to knit 63 squares and all the edging to go around the whole bedspread. So it is not a quick project! Though it took a while to do, it is not a monotonous project as you get variety from having the 5 different designs to knit up.

I find it a good thing to have one long knitting project on the go, along with several smaller ones as well. That way when you need a change you can drop one and move to another.

Materials Needed

  • Aran Yarn in colour of your choice – 74 by 40g balls
  • 4.5 mm knitting needles
  • A cable needle


The pattern can be purchased HERE (affiliate link) where you will get to download it straight away.

The bedspread is made from 63 different textured squares. There are 5 different square pattern designs.

The most difficult one was the diamond pattern square which involved some cables. I had never done cables until I tackled this project. It just involved concentrating to get them done! Once those were done the rest of the designs were much easier.

The other 4 square patterns were a small bobble design, blackberry stitch, an Eiffel Tower design and the leaf pattern.

The whole bedspread is edged with a leafy pattern alongside a width of garter stitching.

This pattern does come with a matching cushion but I did not make it.

Tips, Challenges, & Overall Experiences

This pattern has been set at a difficulty level of advanced. However, at the time I tackled this project, I had not knitted for several years and was never at the advanced level. Whenever I came across techniques I did not know how to do, I used to figure out and learn what to do.

completed knitted bedspread from textured squares

Understandably, the pattern is set at this level as to do it you need to know several stitch techniques which are required to make the 5 different square types. The instructions are detailed and, in my view, with patience it is possible to complete this project even if you are not an advanced knitter.

The good thing about this project is that you can learn these new stitches. It is therefore an opportunity to learn new skills by pushing your knitting out of your comfort zone. You have to make several of these squares, so as you repeat them, you get better at the techniques.

This was a long project which has been well worth it as I have had many positive compliments about the way the bedspread looks now that it’s finished. The way I tackled it was to give myself a target each month – that was to finish ‘x’ number of squares each month. It helped to have other knitting projects to turn to when I wanted a break.

If you are struggling with doing the different stitches I found it very helpful to search on YouTube. There are so many very helpful channels that show you exactly what to do, slowly and step by step.

Make sure that you purchase enough yarn at the start of the project and of the best quality that you can afford as this bedspread will be treasured for many years to come and may even become a treasured heirloom.

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