Around the beginning of October, I start to look around for Christmas toy knitting patterns to make. This year I have an added incentive as my niece will have had her second child by then. I love making soft toys so I am always searching around for different ideas.

These small toys make lovely additions to a Christmas stocking or even as gifts on their own. They are small enough for young children to be able to cuddle them easily. Even if you don’t have any young children around, you can also use them to decorate your home during the festive season. They all help to create a festive atmosphere. Maybe use the nativity scene figures and the angel to create a stable scene that will remind your family of the Bible story and the birth of Jesus.

I like that you can add a chocolate orange to the Father Christmas one.

I have chosen my 5 based on some from the Bible story, and some others that would be popular at Christmas time.

Some are beginner patterns and others are listed as intermediate level. However, I feel that if you are keen to learn you can always master a new knitting skill that might be needed to do a new pattern. You can always get help from searching on the internet or finding a video on YouTube that demonstrates the type of technique you need to know.

So there you have 5 knitted Christmas toy ideas, I hope you find one that you’ll like to make.

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