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Looking for some easy scarves to knit for beginners? Now that you've got the hang of the basic knitting techniques, it's time to put those skills into practice by creating something useful.

In the list below that I have curated, you'll find 5 simple patterns that only involve using a knit and purl stitch. This means there is no worry that you don't have the ability to cope with them.

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Garter Stitch Only Easy Scarf To Knit for Beginners
Garter Stitch Only Easy Scarf To Knit for Beginners

I have put this one at the top of my list of 5 because the designer Michelle Greenberg from The Snugglery has created her Great Start Super Scarf, especially for the beginner knitter.

She has used a Super Chunky yarn and large needles to go with it. Thicker yarn and knitting needles are more manageable for new knitters to work with initially.

To make this one you will need a pair of 9mm (US 13 ) single-point straight knitting needles or a circular needle.

With this design, you could practice the technique to make neat edges to your knitting. On a long straight item like this, a neat selvedge will make it look even more attractive.

Watch this tutorial on 3 ways to make a neat edge in knitting

Easy Beginners Scarf to Knit using 2 by 2 ribbing
Easy Beginners Scarf to Knit using 2 by 2 ribbing

This pattern from Caron Free Knitting Patterns makes it on to my list as to do it, all you need to know how to do, is the knit and purl stitches in a 2 by 2 rib stitch. All this means is that you knit 2 stitches then purl 2 stitches and repeat for the rest of the row. Watch this video to see how it is done.

Side Line Easy Knitted Scarf for Beginners
Side Line Easy Knitted Scarf for Beginners

This pattern is another simple one to make up as it only involves ... yes, you guessed it ... knit 3 and purl 3 which is repeated. It looks like it is garter stitch but actually is not. The way the pattern tells you to knit it means that you get a very slight striping effect and the design is reversible too!

To help new knitters it is also done in a thicker yarn like the Super Bulky Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick range

You will need needles to match - 9mm (US 13) thickness.

Infinity Easy Scarf Knitting Pattern for Beginners
Infinity Easy Scarf Knitting Pattern for Beginners

This infinity scarf is knitted very easily as it's done entirely in a stocking stitch. Once completed to the required length all you do is seam the two ends together to create the loop. I like the way the edges kind of curl in a bit - which often happens when you do this stitch but it looks very effective on this item.


The designer Karin from iknit2purl2 has suggested a Worsted weight yarn but Aran could be substituted.


US Size 13 (9mm ) needles were used to make the scarf in the photo.
As already mentioned the scarf is made into a loop via a sewn seam to join the two ends together. While this can be done very neatly, it is possible to use a technique called provisional cast on to create a seamless scarf. Watch this video if you are keen to learn how to do this method.

The video (above) from Nimble Needles shows how to create the provisional cast on and then how to remove it and pick up the stitches prior to joining with the other end of the knitting.

Once you have the two sets of stitches - from the provisional cast on and from the live stitches you have been knitting at the other end, you need to join them together to make the circle for the scarf. One way to do that is using the Kitchener knit stitch.

Easy Scarf to Knit in Farrow Rib Stitch
Easy Scarf to Knit in Farrow Rib Stitch

This easy textured look is achieved by using the farrow rib stitch pattern. The designer has set it up so that you create a neat edge to your work via slipped stitches.

5mm (US 8) knitting needles were used along with a worsted weight yarn. The pattern is done on multiples of 3 stitches.

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