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knitting pattern for halloween pumpkins and bats

Are you searching online for knitting patterns for Halloween pumpkins and bats? I found these which are both spooky and adorable! I love to knit so would much rather make them than just go out and buy.

This product comes with instructions to make not one but two pumpkins! This means that you will have a fuller autumnal display with more items in it.

To give you an idea of the sizes, the larger pumpkin is 13cm high and 14cm wide, and the smaller one is 7cm high by 9cm wide. The bats are 13cm tall but when their wings are spread they are 19cm wide.

The yarn recommended is a 100% acrylic anti-pilling yarn in double knitting weight. The colours you will need are paprika, peridot, smoke and ebony or something close to those shades.

Other Bits and Pieces You will need

* 2 by 22mm toy safety eyes for the bigger pumpkin and 2 domed 6mm safety eyes for each bat.

I am always a bit nervous of these plastic toy eyes for safety reasons so I tend to embroider them in using an appropriate coloured yarn. There are a number of stitches you can do that will make a perfectly good eye. For example, I have used satin stitch when I knit toy dogs, and they turned out ok. For the nose on the bat in this pattern, I would also embroider that instead of using felt as they recommend.

Another item you may not already have lying around your home are the pipe cleaners for the bat wings

The skill level recommendation for this pattern is intermediate. However, if you are a fairly new knitter you should be able to do it as long as you are prepared to look up each of the techniques required to familiarize yourself as to how it is done. When I get stuck or have forgotten, I'll use YouTube to find out how to do something.

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