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Small Grey with White Spots Knitting Bag

I was drawn to the colour scheme of this small, grey with white spots knitting bag. I have been looking for something fairly small I could use to store my current knitting projects. At present I use in an old plastic re-useable grocery bag. It serves the purpose but is really an eyesore in my lounge and so has be tucked away behind our couch.

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This one is quite small so serves the purpose of storing current projects only, and does not take up too much space if I need to take it out with me.

It has a handy pocket on the outside to store accessories like extra knitting needles you are currently using for your project. The fabric it has been made from is strong and so it stands well.

If you are just getting started with this hobby, this item would be very useful to keep all your equipment in one easy to reach place.

It's small enough to carry around, so would be useful for those who love to take their work out and about with them too.

One of the reasons why I like the grey colour of the design of this one is that you could add other knitting accessories to match it. For example a scissor case in the same fabric, or a knitting needle roll up case would go well with it. I am a bit fussy and like things to match! This bag would make a good starting point from which to build up a grey and white colour co-ordinated collection of knitting accessories and gear.

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