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Free Christmas Elf Knitting Pattern

If you're looking for a free Christmas elf knitting pattern, consider using this one by well known designer Amanda Berry who has made it available to use at no cost.

When you click the image (affiliate link) to visit the website where you can download it, you'll notice that the pattern is set for an intermediate level knitter.

Don't be put off by this as if you're a keen beginner and are prepared to research a bit - ie search YouTube video for help - you'll manage this project.


You'll need double knitting yarn - 30g for each of the colours of beige, red and white.


3.5mm (US 4 ) single point straight knitting needles - short ones (20 cm) work best.

Other Supplies Needed?

A large eyed blunt end tapestry needle is required to sew up the finished pieces. You will also need some toy filling to fill out his body and 5mm black bead eyes, or you can embroider them.

No circulars & Knitted Flat

What is good about this pattern is that it is knitted on single pointed knitting needles. No circulars are required. Also, it is knitted flat. So no need to worry about knitting in the round.

No Swatch or Worries about Tension

As this is a toy and not a fitted garment you'll not need to be concerned about knitting a swatch or worrying about your knitting tension.

Stocking Stitch Used

The little elf is done all in stocking stitch - so knit the right side rows and purl the wrong side ones.

Knitting Skills Needed for this Project?

You will need to know how to -

  • knit and purl,

  • cast on and off,

  • knit 2 stitches together (k2tog),

  • knit into the front and back of a stitch, kfb

  • ssk - slip the next stitch on the left needle knit wise, slip the next purl wise, then knit those 2 slipped stitches together through the front of the loop

  • Click the Learn to Knit category to find out how to do these techniques or to refresh your memory.

    Picot Cast on Method

    The collar is cast on using the picot cast on method which is how it gets the scalloped edge. Detailed instructions for this are given in the pattern. Watch this video which clearly demonstrates how easy this is to do.

    I just love the overall look of this delightful little festive elf and the fact that it is a quick knit too. It's also a good little project in which to practice and learn new knitting skills such as the picot cast on method.

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