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Spacious Bag to Store Knitting Equipment & Projects

While looking for a spacious bag to store knitting equipment and projects all in one place, I came across this product.

Sometimes, if I am busy with a project, my lounge looks like a cat's been playing with all my knitting stuff!

Each time I am expecting visitors there is quick dash to clear it all away and hide it in a large grocery bag. Then, when they have gone, I find myself wasting time rummaging through it to find what I need.

This product is made from a strong material which means it is going to last. What I like about it is that the colour is a darker shade of maroon. Darker colours mean they are less likely to show up any scuff marks and so stay looking good for longer than if it was a light colour.

The inside of the bag is both spacious and well designed. On one half there are 6 smaller sections which can be used to store your yarn. In the other half you can place finished projects and ones that you are still working on.

There are extra storage pockets all around the sides of this bag. On the front there is a flap which unzips down to reveal two more areas where you can keep your scissors, stitch counters, cable needles, tape measure, needle gauges and any other knitting accessories you use.

I think the end pockets would be ideal places to keep knitting patterns.

The item comes with conventional carrying handles but also a shoulder belt which can be altered for individual comfort when carrying.

This item is perfect for me as it means I can keep all my knitting accessories organised in one central place. No longer will I have to look in several containers to find what I want. No longer will I have all my gear spread all around me when I am working on a project.

When you live in a small home, it is more important to have a place for everything and everything in its place. If you experience these issues, then this product will help you too.

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